Changing of the guard

I am delighted that other ringers are stepping forward to take over the functions I’ve been performing, so that when I move in about a month the band will continue to flourish and progress.

  • Jody is taking over this blog, and started posting with yesterday’s practice.
  • Bobbie has taken over managing the attendance dudle and wrangling attendance for each ringing session, ensuring we have enough ringers, someone to run the ringing, someone to watch over ringers’ safety, and someone to unlock and relock the tower.  (For some reason the Miami band has not and still is not electing officers, instead preferring to wing it week by week.)
  • Jim has taken over managing the mailing list.
  • Nancy and Carroll are prepared and enthusiastic to take over the steeplekeeping, though by chance neither of them is in Miami at present and won’t be for possibly several months.
  • Anne has acted as ringing master for at least one session, and did so well by all reports.  Several other ringers have expressed a willingness to do so as well.

It will be bittersweet to leave the Miami ringers, even though I look forward to the future, but at least I can feel the tower is in good hands.