Early Practice / Practice · 2013Aug06Tu

Early Practice · Bobbie, Thomas.

  • Bobbie checked all the stays, staple nuts, and wheel nuts.  This is the check that should be performed every two to four weeks.
  • Bobbie muffled and then a few minutes before 6:00pm un-muffled the 4.
  • Bobbie raised and lowered the 4 twice.  She is doing much better than she was two weeks ago.

Practice · Five ringers:  Bobbie, Judy, Ken, Marguerite, Thomas.  We raised 1234.

  • Rounds and Rotate, to help Bobbie learn to ring in the band.  She rotated to all four of the raised bells.  This was her first time leading.
  • Call Changes, with Bobbie looking over shoulders and trying to predict what we would do then seeing if we did it.
  • Plain Hunt on Four.  Bobbie looked over various ringers’ shoulders.  Ken stayed on the 4 and the rest of us rotated around the front three.
  • Rang down in peal.  It went pretty well:  in rounds for the first third, then in 1243 for about the next third, then in 12(34) with the 3 and 4 crashing most of the time.