Nuts working loose

Bobbie and Thomas made a routine check of the bells before practice and found two loose wheel nuts (#1 and #5) and, much more seriously, two loose staple bolts whose clappers could no longer be kept swinging true (#3 and #6).

Each staple bolt is secured by two nuts, the lower of which holds the staple bolt (and thus the clapper) in place and the upper of which acts as a lock nut keeping the lower from loosening.  In both cases the lower nut had frozen in place, especially on the 3, and we first had to work it loose in order to be able to tighten it.  This took about ten minutes of back-and-forth with the 25mm wrench for the 3.  They need to be loosened and spun off, with the staple bolt and clapper supported by the staple bolt stand Thomas built for sawing off the 5’s lower staple bolt nut that had frozen in place.  Once spun off, the threads of the bolt and nut need to be brushed and wiped clean, coated lightly with lithium grease, then worked easy by spinning the nut up and down until the grease is spread and any roughness or corrosion is worked out.  Then each clapper can be realigned and the nuts tightened up again.


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