Practice · 2013Aug13Tu

Practice · Six ringers:  Bobbie, Judy, Marguerite, Thomas, Jody, Jim.  We raised 123456.

  • Rounds: We practiced rounds to continue to help Bobbie learn to ring in the band.  She worked on the five and four to get a feel of the difference in the weights of the bells.  She was eager to find “the sweet spot” where the raised bell will hover momentarily and the ringer has a brief moment to adjust the pull accordingly and chime in order.
  • Ringing Up and Ringing Down:  We practiced ringing up and down in peal.  We discussed the rhythm of when to “take a coil” or “let a coil out” as needed.  Group discussion lead to observations such as how the technique tends to move along faster on the lighter bells, however, ultimately the individual timing seems to vary from ringer to ringer in terms of style.