Service ringing · 2013Aug18Su (Thomas’s last service ringing in Miami)

Six ringers:  Anne, Jim, Jody, Judy, Marguerite, Thomas.

  • Anne, Marguerite, and Thomas raised 123 in peal, then lowered them in peal.  We were in rounds almost all the time both up and down.  When Jim arrived we raised 1234 in peal, which did not go as smoothly.  To ring up or down in peal:  watch like a hawk to see whether you are creeping up on the bell in front of you, or getting on top of the bell behind you, and make corrections immediately if you are.
  • Plain Hunt on Five with tenor behind.  After a few tries this was quite good.
  • Plain Hunt on Six.  This was not as clean;  it’s much harder with no tenor behind.  However enough of the band was in their places that we stayed together all the way through, every time, even when it wasn’t sounding very good.
  • Call Changes.  Thomas called the band into Queens, then back to Rounds, several times.
  • Without standing, the band rang down in peal.