Practice: 19Nov2013

Mini practice consisted of three ringers on the 3,4 and 5 bells.  Surprisingly enough, much can be accomplished on three bells!  We attempted calling, and precisely executing, full pull dodges on 1 and 2, as well as 2 and 3.  In leads, it can be helpful to be aware of the “other layer” of ringing going on – knowing which bell to follow as opposed to just ringing in place.  Thank you Anne for stepping up to manage a momentary loose rope.    

Service: 17Nov2013

We had four ringers for the service touch. We practiced dodging, as a prelude to hunting, with the Treble back in working condition. Busy season has begun so we hope everyone keeps the band in mind and makes every effort to keep the momentum going.

Practice: 12Nov2013

Great practice with seven bells (234567+8) and seven ringers, albeit one on the bench (Bobbie), who with all good intentions hopes to be back at the ropes by next week! Jorge started work on dodging, and Carrol made great strides with hunting on four with a fifth bell behind. Who knew a dodge could be considered a mini hunt on two! And, we may just have a potential new ringer… right before ringing down we heard the doorbell followed by footsteps up the spiral staircase and lo and behold we had a visitor asking to ring with the band. Come to find out he’s not a ringer but an enthusiast. So we had him take a seat, told him NOT to cross his legs, and handed him our change ringing brochure and encouraged him to read all about it and come back!

Special Request: 8Nov2013

From Bobbie:
It was such a thrill for me to begin hearing the bells as I turned the corner on 15th Street to N Bayshore Drive Friday afternoon, Nov 8th. It was then even more breathtaking to see the Diocesan participants in their flowing robes looking up at the bell tower as they awaited entering the church for a special mass. How marvelous it was and how proud I was to be a Ringer, even though I was not ringing. I want to extend a heartfelt thanks to all ringers that afternoon, including our visiting guests, Tim Barnes with his delightful two sons, and Dan Tregunno from Toronto. They, along with Carroll, Judy, Ken an Marguerite (who rushed from home right after work to join in) gave a stellar ringing performance! I know that Trinity Cathedral was most proud of our Bell Tower.

Practice: 5Nov2013

We had a good practice on five (23456) with Bobbie sitting out, yet holding the fort. After which she, Carrol and Ken went up into the bell chamber to engage in a much needed tightening of the nuts+bolts session.

Ringing is confirmed for this Friday, November the 8th to include guest ringers Tim Barnes and Dan Tregunno. Ringing will commence promptly at 4:30 for the much anticipated Diocesan Convention which has been known to welcome over 300 visitors to the Cathedral.

Service ringing: 3Nov2013

Without a hitch from daylight’s savings time, “All Saints’ Sunday” was blessed with a full half hour of call changes prior to service.  We rang on seven (123456+8) with Jim conducting.  To add to the joy we had Valerie and her husband Alan as guest ringers from St. Philip & St. James Church, Ratby, Leicestershire holding their own on 1+2.  Get well soon wishes continue to be extended to Pamela and Bobbie who despite their temporary setbacks remain cheering on the band from the sidelines.