Practice: 19Nov2013

Mini practice consisted of three ringers on the 3,4 and 5 bells.  Surprisingly enough, much can be accomplished on three bells!  We attempted calling, and precisely executing, full pull dodges on 1 and 2, as well as 2 and 3.  In leads, it can be helpful to be aware of the “other layer” of ringing going on – knowing which bell to follow as opposed to just ringing in place.  Thank you Anne for stepping up to manage a momentary loose rope.    


1 thought on “Practice: 19Nov2013

  1. Well done all! Some of the most useful practices can be along those lines. Most worthwhile to go ahead and cover some ground thoroughly with a few people. Ringing is easy, they say here — 3 years learning and 40 years of practice!! Missing you all. I did write from Toronto airport to say that I had survived so far, though barely at times, and was waiting at the gate to fly back to the UK, but I’m not sure the email got through. . Made it home OK after a horrible trip. Have been taking things a bit carefully since — the only time I’ve been out so far is to a funeral ( 😦 ) yesterday afternoon, a ringing friend’s, of course, which I absolutely had to go to as they had delayed it till we got back so that we could. Looking forward to the new shirts and to seeing you all when we get back. Might be able to make it a bit earlier next year as I have lost my job at the bookshop through having to be off sick for so long, so I don’t have to be around for the Book Fair in the spring.

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