Service Touch: 19Jan2014

For Sunday service we had 6 ringers and a first time opportunity to work with the new bell ropes.  I personally wouldn’t have been able to detect new or old without looking at the sallies.  We did a pretty good job hunting on 5, which seemed to please Rob who conducted… yes, progress! 

Report from Jim:  inspectors from the Verdin bell company visited the tower recently and commented on 1) “what a beautiful set of bells” we have, and 2) how the tower and bells were some of the “best maintained and spotless” that they have seen.  Thank you to everyone’s continued support, time and efforts.

New Year, new ropes: 14Jan2014

Report from Bobbie:  What a delightful evening we had last night replacing five of the bell ropes.  It was quite a learning experience for Jorge and me and I must say, Rob, Marguerite and Ken were amazing in their skill and expertise.  We have decided to leave the remaining three bells with the old ropes until the other new ropes acclimate and adjust to being hung.

New Year service touch: 12Jan2014

salliesSeven out of eight bells were raised and with Rob conducting he lead the band through some call changes into “Queens” ( 1-3-5-2-4-6 which is odds then evens) and then “Tittums” (1-4-2-5-3-6). What a treat! Our new bell ropes are earmarked for installation this week and our new color palette (sallies) will bring good cheer for the new year!

Christmas Eve Service Touch: 24Dec2013

What a thrill to have 8 ringers for Christmas Eve 2013!  Jim called us from rounds into a few call changes and we sounded like a band!  Having Ken and Jim on the big bells is always a treat, Bobbie kept up with a steady pace and Antonina (home from college) stepped up and rang like regular.  Lovely way to celebrate the holidays!