Warm Wishes and Welcome: 11Feb2014

We would like to extend our warmest wishes to Pamela Pohling-Brown for a successful operation tomorrow and speedy recovery in the days to follow.  We are pleased to welcome Madeleine and Nick Cheeseman from Toronto at our practice on Tuesday night, and we all know how much Pamela enjoys ringing in Toronto as well, so it is fitting that Miami and Toronto ringers will be wishing Pamela well from across the ocean in Pamela’s ringing home away from home.



One thought on “Warm Wishes and Welcome: 11Feb2014

  1. Thank you all very much indeed. Your wishes and prayers helped keep me going. It turned out not to be a cyst but debris and a partial blockage from an emergency appendix operation some 30 years ago, so I’m hoping I shall be a new woman after this. 🙂 For those who couldn’t stand the old one there is hope yet 😉
    Can’t wait to get back and see you all but it may be a little while — I have to stay here in hospital a further 10 days for a start! *And* I can’t eat or drink (just sips of water) yet. Booh!
    Thank you again and have a wonderful time with the Toronto visitors tonight. P xx

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