Service Touch: 27Apr2014

We rang on 5 bells (13456) and it was nice to have Barbara back.  Marguerite was kind enough to open the tower yesterday for Tin-Shi Tam who is in town for a convention at the New World College of the Arts.  Tin-Shi is a “carillonneur” from Iowa State University, Des Moines.  She left a CD of carillon bell music that she made at Iowa State where she teaches and rings every day.  A carillon is a musical instrument of cast-bronze, cup-shaped bells that have been precisely tuned to sound harmonious together. Carillons may have from 23 to 77 bells. Carillon bells are hung in a campanile, a free-standing tower. They are connected by wires to a console with a keyboard and pedals. The chime, a series of 22 or fewer bells, has roots in China from around 500 B.C. In the 16th century the chime evolved into the carillon of England, the Netherlands, Belgium and Northern France. We all look forward to listening to the CD!

Practice with Rob: 22Apr2014

What a pleasure to have Rob in town to raise the bar (bell) this evening at practice! We started on five bells (23456) with Jorge who was given a run for his money as Rob called him to ring up and down and then into leads. Great job Jorge! We then practiced Plain Hunt on four (2345). Challenge was to concentrate on “places” as you hunt. Practice hint: know your “course bell” … Yikes!

Easter Day: 20April2014

The weather was glorious on a joyful day with the Trinity Cathedral bell tower watching over the courtyard below which was bursting with colorful Easter eggs for after service hunting.  The Miami band rang for up to an hour on six bells (1,3,4,5,6,+8) with Jim conducting.  By “calling up” we made it half way through the 36 changes methodology which took us into “Queens” (13524… odds up, then evens up-?); then “Whittiingtons” (53124…  odds down, evens up?); then “Back Rounds” (865431); and finally “Tittums” (14253… which I still can’t figure out)!  It was lovely.  Alleluia!

Palm Sunday: 13Apr2014

We were pleased to have six ringers for service touch this Palm Sunday. Jim lead us through call changes on the 1,3,4,5,6,+8 bells, with quite a bustling crowd of gatherers in the courtyard below preparing for the procession.