Tuesday Practice: 27May2014

We rang on 7 bells with the following band members in attendence: Pamela, Carroll, Judy, Bobbie, Anne, Jody, Jorge and Jim.  We worked on the Mexican Wave (new to Jim) and attempted to do some Kaleidoscope ringing as called by Pamela and explained here by Thomas:  “a set of exercises for new ringers who can ring rounds but not Plain Hunt or methods. It is an alternative to Call Changes that focuses on the skills ringers need to hunt, dodge, and do the other work needed for hunting and methods.”   More detailed information is available on the blog.

Tuesday Practice: 20May2014

From Bobbie: we had a good practice working on our Mexican wave and being accompanied by Chris Colon who is a former member of our local band. It was nice to have him join us. Judy also came to this evening’s practice, which was terrific! Welcome back Judy!

Practice w/guest: 13May2014

It was a real treat to have the Shelbourns from Penistone, Yorkshire in the UK, passing through on their two week road trip through the southern states. Alan has been ringing for over 25 years and according to his wife Carolyn, his enthuiasm never wains! We rang on 8 bells with Alan on the Tenor. Marguerite, Judy, Anne, Carroll, Bobbie, Jorge and Jody encouraged Alan to give us a workout and he suggested the “Mexican Wave!” The wave begins with the 2 over the 1 for a full pull, then back into rounds for a full pull, then the 3 over the 2… then the 4 over the 3… etc until the wave ends! What fun! Hopefully we sounded wavelike, or at least as Alan would put it making some “cheerful noise.”

Fifth Sunday of Easter: 18May2014

We had 9 ringers (Marguerite, Judy, Jody, Anne, Carroll, Bobbie, Barbara, Eoin and Pamela!) in attendance to assist with ringing all 8 bells for 45 minutes, to the enjoyment of over 800 visitors as they walked from the Omni parking lot into the cathedral. Carroll saved the day by raising the Tenor – a most impressive effort! It was a very special day indeed.

Congratulations to Jim and the entire Trinity Cathedral family for such a lovely service: Rededication of the Cathedral, Installation of Honorary Canons, and Consecration of the Jubilee Altar, on this fifth Sunday of Easter.

Did you know: Trinity Cathedral was built in 1925 and is the oldest church within the original city limits of Miami and was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1980.

Graduation bells: 16May2014

What a treat to have Pamela back to ring with the band this evening! We had the pleasure to ring for the Palmer Trinity High School graduation from 6:30 to 7pm on six bells with Marguerite, Judy, Jody, Anne, Carol and Pamela. Marguerite called us into Queens as part of the 36 changes, and then we attempted to give the Mexican Wave a spin! We then rang a Plain Hunt on four with Carol behind. It was glorious.

Tuesday Practice: 6May2014

We had a small but good practice this evening thanks to Anne’s great teaching skills.  Bobbie, Jorge, and Carroll did some maintenance with Carroll actually tightening the nut inside the bell… great job Carrol!  We look forward to a good turnout for ringing this coming Sunday, Mother’s Day, and to welcome a visitor at next Tuesday’s practice.

Service Touch w/guest ringers: 4May2014


Today was a real treat at bell ringing as we had Paul who is visiting from Montreal as well as the Hughes from England. Alan Hughes is the President of Whitechapel (www.whitechapelbellfoundry.co.uk) the world’s most famous bell foundry. They are the makers of Big Ben, the Liberty Bell, and our Trinity Cathedral bells! Alan and his wife Katherine also rang with the band and they gifted us some booklets on the history of White Chapel for our band members.