Practice w/guest: 13May2014

It was a real treat to have the Shelbourns from Penistone, Yorkshire in the UK, passing through on their two week road trip through the southern states. Alan has been ringing for over 25 years and according to his wife Carolyn, his enthuiasm never wains! We rang on 8 bells with Alan on the Tenor. Marguerite, Judy, Anne, Carroll, Bobbie, Jorge and Jody encouraged Alan to give us a workout and he suggested the “Mexican Wave!” The wave begins with the 2 over the 1 for a full pull, then back into rounds for a full pull, then the 3 over the 2… then the 4 over the 3… etc until the wave ends! What fun! Hopefully we sounded wavelike, or at least as Alan would put it making some “cheerful noise.”