Practice Ringing: 17Feb2015

Thanks to all for the good turnout at last night’s practice.  We had 7 ringers: Anne, Carol, George, Jody, Ken, myself and Jonathan Penn, a guest ringer from Suffolk visiting with his wife Julia.  I think they enjoyed the practice and the pancakes thereafter in the Cathedral Hall.  Good job, too, on the plain hunting and tenoring behind!


Second Peal: 8Feb2015

North American Guild
Miami, Florida
Trinity Cathedral
Sunday, 8 February 2015 in 3 hrs 2 min (17 cwt)
5024 London Surprise Major
Composed by H Law James
1 Alexander T Taft III
2 Susan M O’Neill
3 Maurice W Southworth
4 Beth Sinclair
5 Cecily W Rock
6 Robert Bannister
7 Timothy J Barnes (C)
8 Robert G Gibson
In honor of the 70th birthday of Michael Tilson Thomas (MTT), the co-founder and artistic director of the New World Symphony, America’s Orchestral Academy, and with 85th birthday compliment to R. Roger Savory. First in method: 4, 6, 8.

First Peal: 7Feb2015

North American Guild
Miami, Florida
Trinity Cathedral
Saturday, 7 February 2015 in 2 hrs 55 min (17 cwt)
5056 Spliced Surprise Major (8m)
832 Rutland, 768 Pudsey, 640 Superlative, 576 each Bristol, Cambridge, Lincolnshire, and London, and 512 Yorkshire.
1 Susan M O’Neill
2 Beth Sinclair
3 Robert G Gibson
4 Timothy J Barnes
5 Robert Bannister
6 Cecily W Rock
7 Maurice W Southworth (C)
8 Alexander T Taft III
To honor the election of The Very Reverend Peter Eaton as bishop coadjutor of Southeast Florida. First of 8 spliced: 5

Ringing Weekend: 6-8Feb2015

DC ringers

Left to Right: Cecily Rock, Alex Taft, Sue O’Neill, Maurice Southworth, Michael Tilson Thomas, Rob Bannister, Beth Sinclair, Tim Barnes, and Rob Gibson

Ringing this weekend was extraordinary, and I was extremely proud to be associated with the Miami Guild of Change Ringers.  The visiting ringers told me over and over what great hosts we were, how much they enjoyed their time with us, and how much progress they saw in our ringing since their last visit here almost two years ago.  Thomas will be very proud when I update him on what has become of the seeds he planted in Miami.

The weekend events were very well attended, including Friday night practice, Sunday service ringing, and the social events on Friday and Saturday night.  We missed Anne who had commitments which prevented her from joining us, and Pamela who was with us in spirit from England, but everyone else (including Dean McCaleb and Kemp) participated at one level or another, and many hands made light work.

Locals and visitors alike loved the food everyone prepared Friday night and the incomparable setting and hospitality at Chas and Bobbie’s home, and all the contributions and good cheer from the Miami Guild made the Saturday night event at my home quite festive (and relatively effortless for me).  And thanks to Marg for ensuring the ringers were fed lunch before Sunday’s peal.

Yes, it was a peal—not a peal attempt!  Both peal attempts were successful.  It was a thrill for me since the peals were in the tower where I first learned to ring (thanks to Marg, Judy, Jim, Andrew).  The details of the peals and dedications can be found at the following links: and

Sunday’s peal was dedicated to Michael Tilson Thomas on the occasion of his 70th birthday.  He and his entourage came up into the tower to meet the peal ringers, learn more about change ringing, and watch/listen while Alex called a touch of Grandsire Triples.  They listened outside for a while and returned to listen to the end of the peal.  They greeted the band as we exited the tower and congratulated us all.  Victoria Rogers (Trinity’s junior warden, Executive VP of the New World Symphony, and our promotor behind the scenes) e-mailed me this morning that a donation is coming to Trinity as a result!

Visitors were:  Alex Taft (Washington Ringing Society, or “WRS”, which rings at the National Cathedral and Old Post Office Tower); Sue O’Neill (WRS); Cecily Rock (WRS) and her husband Joe Nega; Beth Sinclair (WRS) and her husband Mark Morgan; Rob Gibson (WRS); Tim Barnes (Trinity Wall Street in NYC); and Maurice Southworth and his wife Liz (Boston).

Post contributor: Rob

Service Ringing: 1Feb2015

We had nine ringers including one guest from the UK, John Staddon.  We worked on call changes without a hitch and it was lovely indeed.  This week we have regular practice on Tuesday, Feb 3rd and then we prepare to host our visitors from the National Cathedral on the weekend.  We will have practice with them on Friday evening, Feb 6th, from 6 to 8 PM.  My husband Chas and I will be hosting our DC guests and all members of the local Miami band for a get together after practice.  Thank you in advance to Rob, Marguerite, Judy, Jody and Barbara for helping out with some yummy munchies to share.  On Saturday there will be a full peal beginning at 10 AM and then Rob is hosting another get together at his lovely home in Miami Beach.  On Sunday there is ringing for the 10 AM service as well as another peal after the 12:15 PM service – most ambitious schedule I do say!”  Bobbie