Service Ringing: 1Feb2015

We had nine ringers including one guest from the UK, John Staddon.  We worked on call changes without a hitch and it was lovely indeed.  This week we have regular practice on Tuesday, Feb 3rd and then we prepare to host our visitors from the National Cathedral on the weekend.  We will have practice with them on Friday evening, Feb 6th, from 6 to 8 PM.  My husband Chas and I will be hosting our DC guests and all members of the local Miami band for a get together after practice.  Thank you in advance to Rob, Marguerite, Judy, Jody and Barbara for helping out with some yummy munchies to share.  On Saturday there will be a full peal beginning at 10 AM and then Rob is hosting another get together at his lovely home in Miami Beach.  On Sunday there is ringing for the 10 AM service as well as another peal after the 12:15 PM service – most ambitious schedule I do say!”  Bobbie

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