Practice Ringing: 3Mar2015

We had an exciting ringing session last night with six from the local Miami band and a guest from across the pond, Max E Roberts, from Goodworth Clatford, Hampshire in the UK.  Max “grabbed” our tour en route to the Keys and then Orlando, and can now claim 10 USA bell towers under his belt!
To end the practice session with a bang, a stay was broken on the treble – to everyone’s surprise!  Thank you to everyone for quickly setting your bell and to Rob who instructed the Treble ringer on how to manage the moment safely.  It happens.
Therefore for the time being we will be ringing with one less bell, perhaps two, as we need to make some adjustments in the belfry with regard to the Tenor as well, which is adjacent to the Treble.  Rob will be travelling next week so we look to Ken for counsel and hope to replace the broken wooden stay with one of pine temporarily, and then of ash for long term.