Tuesday Practice + Farewell: 16Jun2015

It has been our pleasure to welcome visiting ringer Monica to the Trinity Tower for the past few months during her extended stay in Miami, and tonight’s practice will be the last time that she rings with us.   Her husband is recuperating nicely and they expect to return to England this coming Friday.  We have a post practice gathering of the band for dinner after ringing this evening and everyone is welcome whether you are able to make the session or not.  This may also be Carroll’s last week for the whole summer, so the more the merrier!
Note: Both Jim and Bobbie will be out of town during the next 2 weeks and Jody for one a week or more shortly thereafter.  Please keep the online schedule (Doodle Board) up to date for all concerned.  It is is programmed through July.  Thank you.

Sunday Service Touch: 31May2015

Good afternoon Ringers, well what a day we had today!   We had 7 bells ringing!!!! And, we had a visitor checking us out, we welcome Kristina, who may come see us ring again next Sunday.  Carole also found a little kitten, if anyone wants to adopt one – not sure of its sex, but it was quite cute and small.

Ken, it’s always good to see you and there is the possibility that Anne will be able to join us.  I actually saw Anne and Aleshia (not sure about spelling) being baptized in church today. And, what also was special was that Bishop Frade also made a terrific analogy between bell ringing and being religious and spiritual.

He stated that we all need to be clappers making the music of equality and justice. That you cannot have one, meaning the bell, without the clapper. It was pretty cool indeed for him to utilize the bells as a means of making his point about the importance of being  both religious and spiritual.

Honolulu Bells: May 2015

bells bobbie
I recently rang bells in Honolulu along with Susan Anderson and two newbees Lindy Marzo and Leiann Lee Loy who had only been ringing for four months but were doing great!  The Cathedral of St. Andrew constructed the church tower in 1912, it is an amazing old stone tower that did not get the bells installed until 1991. It is really a beautiful tower and it was a treat to ring there! Susan sends her best wishes to all of us, and Rob, she did remember someone visiting our Tower a few years back.