Full Peal Weekend: 30Jan2016

The Trinity Cathedral will be installing and seating our new Bishop this weekend expecting over 700+ in attendance from around the nation and the world.  The Trinity Tower Bells will be rung after the installation and seating service of The Right Reverend Peter Eaton, the newly elected 4th Bishop of the Diocese of Southeast Florida, by a collection of nine ringers from up and down the East Coast including Boston, New York, Washington DC, and Miami.

A full peal attempt this Saturday, January 30th will begin immediately following Bishop Peter’s service, at approximately 1:30pm – dedicated to the Installation and Seating of our new Bishop.  A full peal consists of over 5,000 ringing pattern changes and lasts a little over three hours.  A second full peal attempt will take place on Sunday, January 31st following the 12:15pm Spanish service, at approximately 1:30pm in honor of our new Bishop and the Diocese of Southeast Florida.

– Jim