We are very pleased to hear that The Very Reverend John Tidy was very moved by the Trinity Cathedral efforts to celebrate the seating of the bishop.  Members of the Miami Guild of Change Ringers contributed in many ways—Barbara as photographer at the ceremony; Judy, Marg, and Robert in preparing the flowers; Jody and Marguerite hosting visiting peal ringers at their homes and Bobbie hosting a wonderful dinner/drinks at hers; all the local ringers who came out to ring with the visitors and welcome them to Miami; and of course Jim in helping us get the peals scheduled and in countless other ways as the Cathedral’s Director of Operations.

I’ve received many expressions of thanks from each of the visiting ringers who all continue to be amazed by how hospitable our local band is and how much they enjoyed spending time with us.  They had an awesome time and are already looking forward to the next time.  I felt especially proud to be a part of the Miami Guild last weekend, and I appreciate the efforts so many of you made to make the weekend a success, not only for our new bishop but for our visitors.

Jim, Marg, Robert, and I enjoyed ringing with Kimberley and Phil at practice on Monday night (great to have them back with us!), after which Robert and I had another good training session.  I’m meeting with Ana Castilla for our second practice session tomorrow night—our newest ringer.  And we have several ringers from across the pond who will be joining us for practice and Sunday service ringing this month.  Our band is on the move, so let’s keep the momentum going!! – Rob