Monday Practice: 22May2017

It was our pleasure to host guest bell ringer from England – Mary Holden, with Marguerite, Bobbie, Robert, Jody, Phil and Kimberly in attendance.  Mary was kind enough to steady the ship by conducting Call Changes on 7, and then we continued to joyfully “carry-on” practicing Plain Hunt on 4 with Bobbie and Bob Minimus on 5 with Mary, Jody, Marguerite, Kimberly and Phil, with Bobbie and Robert “steady-behind” on 6 and 7.

Palmer Trinity Baccalaureate: 12May2017

It was our pleasure to ring for the gathering of the graduates at their annual service celebration at Trinity Cathedral.  Ken, Judy, Marguerite, Bobbie and Jody were in attendance and rang Call Changes lead by both Marguerite and Judy, as well as Plain Hunt on 4 with Bobbie on 5.

Band Practice: 1May2017

Great practice with Ross Finbow from the Pittsburgh tower who has rung in Maim on occasion over the years.  He is a great teacher … and if only I could remember his charming tidbits, I would quote him!  Robert became a solid, steady behind on Five, with Jody in “Plain Hunt on Four,” while Judy, Marguerite and Ross fooled around with “Plain Bob!”  Moving right along!

Whitechapel End of an Era: 30April2017

Whitechapel Bell Foundry, where Trinity’s bells were cast (as well as Big Ben, the Liberty Bell, etc.) was featured on CBS Sunday Morning:

Some of you may remember Alan Hughes, whose family owns the foundry, from his visits to Miami—he’s featured in the video.  The video is only a little less than 4 minutes.  Interesting story—check it out! – Rob