Practice Ringing:17July2017

We had a good turnout for band practice last night with Rob in town, Pamela (her last visit this trip), Judy, Marguerite, Jody, Robert and Ken.  We practiced Plain Hunt on 4 and 5 with some change ups within.  We attempted a bit of the “Bastow Little Bob Minimus” method as well – not so simple!  Check out the description from Thomas (our former bell tower Captain):  “Bastow is a handy method for small bands. The treble alternates between two blows in seconds and two blows in leads, even simpler than Plain Hunt. The remaining three bells dodge at the back, lie back, dodge, and hunt in to leads and out again without dodging.”

Please note that the AGM annual conference will soon be held in Toronto, September 1-4, and their 12 “Waterloo Bells” have quite a history. (photos below of St James)


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