Durham Cathedral: 16-19Nov2017


Thank you for the link to this great story Robert!  Imagine Art-In-Public-Places on display with a fabulous light show orchestrated by the ringing of the tower bells at the Lumiere Festival.





Remembrance Day: 12Nov2017

Post “All Hallows” Eve: 6Nov2017


We had a lovely practice session with 5 local ringers and 1 guest from England – Jill, who rings at the All Hallows Church of Twickenham.  A fitting post Halloween visit of sorts!  This original tower houses a peal of ten bells, including some of those that were originally hung at the St Dionis Backchurch, before being relocated to Twickenham. The church has a fascinating history and just inside the tower there is a massive oak gateway which was preserved after the Great Fire of London in 1666 and is decorated with skulls and crossbones.