Service Touch: 20Oct2019

We had a lovely ring this morning with guest ringer, Mark Place, handling 2 bells at once! We were able to ring call changes on 6 with Helen now managing her bell very reliably.  Go Helen!   … Marguerite

For more on “double handed” ringing, check out the link below.

For more on the mathmatics of bell ringing, check out the link below.

For more on the math of change ringing, see below.


Fun with Bells! Enjoy

Mark Regan is a leading ringer, ringing teacher and friend of the US ringers.
Anyone who is interested in learning about change ringing at Trinity Cathedral is welcome to come to the tower for the Trinity bell ringers’ weekly Tuesday night practice from 6:30-7:30 p.m.  Upon occassion we have visiting ringers who join the local band to help them advance their skills.
Visitors at the Tuesday night practice may observe and ask questions from inside the tower where limited seating is available.  Trinity is always looking for new recruits (all ages) who would like learn change ringing.  A musical background is not necessary.
More information on change ringing can be found at and

3 QP + 1 Peal: 9+10Feb2019 (belated)

Ringing Surprise:13Oct2019

We had six guest ringers on Sunday for service touch, and I believe they rang a method called “Surprise” with Stuart, Kemp and his mom joining in.   The visitors were part of a group of ringers on a road trip across the USA to “grab” towers.  Since Miami is a bit far from the other towers these guests flew in for their visit and it was a pleasure to ring with them.

For Tuesday practice, we gave ringing “boxes” a go, to hone our skills.  It was fun.  Paloma is coming along nicely, can feel the stay bounce, and completed her first complete solo pull and set the bell – to a round of applause.