The Bells

Date carved in the tenor's wheel
Date (1984) carved in
the tenor’s wheel

Date cast in the back
of the tenor (1983)

The 2

Inside the 2

Trinity Cathedral’s bells were cast in 1983 by Whitechapel Bell Foundry and installed in 1984.

There are eight bells in the ring, sounding an octave of the F major scale. Each is named after someone associated with the Cathedral at that time.

Bell Note Diameter Weight Name
Treble F 27¼ inches 558 lbs “Raleigh”
2 E 28 inches 580 lbs “David”
3 D 29½ inches 628 lbs “Minnette”
4 C 31¾ inches 867 lbs “George”
5 B 34 inches 863 lbs “Cal”
6 A 36 inches 1024 lbs “Jim”
7 G 40 inches 1414 lbs “Josephine”
Tenor F 45 inches 2008 lbs “Bob”

Each bell was marked on inside with its destination, number, note, and weight (hundredweight-stone-pounds) to prevent any mixups.

Miami Bells at Whitechapel Bell Foundry
At the foundry
The bells are installed in a radial bellframe, one of only a half-dozen in the world.  This circular configuration maximizes the stability of the bell tower and minimizes the effect of each bell’s motion on the others.

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