Maintaining tower and bells

A tower and its ring of bells have to be maintained.  We are always grateful for help and support.

For a complete up-to-date list, see all posts in the Tower Maintenance category.

2012Feb07Tu · Ringing chamber curtain tie-backs completed.

2012Feb01We · The 5’s stay bolts tightened.

2012Feb01We · The 2’s clapper realigned.

2012Jan31Tu · Oiled all the clapper joints.

2012Jan27Fr · Completed replacement of the third of the three broken upper rope bosses, the 5’s.

2012Jan13Fr · Ground-fault interruptor and better light for the bell chamber.

2012Jan11We · New power-out light.

2012Jan06Fr · Set up a pole to flip the A/C lever without a ladder.

2012Jan06Fr · Completed replacement of the second of the three broken upper rope bosses, the treble’s.

2011Dec12Mo · Installed a chime to sound when the tower door is opened.

2011Nov24Th · Replaced the treble’s rope boss.

2011Nov18Fr · Surveyed the bell chamber during today’s rain to identify where the water is coming in:  mostly from the upper level where the louvers are.  The rusted remains of a galvanized gutter above the bells direct the rainwater to several different spots in the bell chamber, for example onto the 5.

2011Nov15Tu · Completed replacement of the first of the three broken upper rope bosses, the 2’s.

2011Nov09We · Started removing the three broken upper rope bosses and the adhesive that held them down, in preparation for replacing them with new ones.

2011Nov08Tu · First of the three replacement upper rope bosses made and ready to install.

2011Nov06Mo · Mounted cleats on each side of the ringing chamber windows for tying the curtains back when the windows are open.

2011Nov05Sa · Two of us (with dust masks) completed cleaning out the bell chamber’s drain channel and floor, while another ringer vacuumed and cleaned the ringing chamber.  The ringing chamber will need to be vacuumed every few weeks to prevent grit wearing out the ropes.

2011Nov01Tu · Measured all the headstock-bearing gaps.  This was last done in 2008;  most of the bells have shifted since then and will need attention.

2011Nov01Tu · Repaired the tower’s spiral staircase:  replaced missing screws, tightened loose screws, wrapped the rattling bannisters that had lost their grommets with electrical tape to pad them.

2011Nov01Tu · Oiled the cylinder of the intermediate chamber trap door to get rid of the deafening shriek when the trapdoor was opened or closed.

2011Nov01Tu · Moved the spare stays off the bell chamber floor, tying each one out of the way under its bell’s runnerboard.  Now the stays will stay dry and the bell chamber will dry out more quickly after a rain.

2011Nov01Tu · Checked for rust in the bell chamber.  Paint has chipped and flaked off some steel parts and they have started to rust;  these need attention.

2011Nov01Tu · Opened the bell chamber louvers, the trapdoors at each level, and the ringing chamber windows for a chimney effect to get a drying breeze through the bell chamber.  Long term, we will need to find out where the water is getting in and fix it.

2011Oct28Fr · Put up a display rail in the ringing chamber so we can display a reference chart for each method we are ringing at a session.

2011Oct26We · Smoothed and waxed the contact area of each runnerboard and slider;  this needs to be done every few years.

2011Oct19We · Replaced missing screens covering the drains of the intermediate and bell chambers, to keep birds out.  Cleaned out straw and feathers from old bird nests in the intermediate chamber, and started cleaning them out of the bell chamber which is a much bigger job and needs two people for safety.

2011Oct18Tu · New tower doorknob.

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