Trinity Cathedral tower

Miami Trinity Cathedral tower

The tower was dedicated in 1984 and structurally renovated around 2006.  It is attached to the main body of the sanctuary by a side chapel.  In the photo at right:

  • The ringing chamber is the room with the round-topped glass windows, at the third-story level.
  • The fourth story is the windowless intermediate chamber, which moderates the sound of the bells for the ringers.
  • The bell chamber is at the fifth-story level of the gabled extensions on each side, which were included to provide room for the bells.
  • Above the gables are louvers that can be electrically opened to let out the sound of the bells.

The tower’s narrow cross-section meant that the bell chamber had to be extended on each side to give room for the bells, giving the tower a cruciform silhouette.  A radial bellframe was a necessity in order to reduce the horizontal forces generated by the swinging of the bells to a level that the narrow tower could withstand.

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