Weekend of Ringing · 2012Apr20-22

A group of experienced ringers is visiting and ringing this weekend.  Four of the visitors are from Washington, DC, one is from Pittsburgh, one is from New York City, and one is from Marietta.  They plan to make two peal attempts using all eight bells — a peal is 5,040 or more changes (5040 is 7!, covering all permutations of the seven active bells), typically taking about 3 hours — and hold three practice sessions with the local ringers, in addition to participating in the regular Sunday service ringing and two additional service ringing sessions.  Sunday’s ringing is also in observance of Earth Day.

This page will be updated and elaborated as plans mature.

20 April
8:45am Rendezvous at tower
9:00am Peal attempt by visiting ringers (Stedman Triples)
(Ed, Alex, Bill, Carolyn, Rob, Mike, Ross, Derek, Thomas)
Lunch for ringers
in parish hall
Session with local ringers
8:00pm Covered-dish dinner hosted by Rob
21 April

Peal attempt by visiting ringers (Spliced Surprise Major:
Cambridge, Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, Superlative, Rutland)

(Ed, Alex, Bill, Carolyn, Derek, Mike, Ross, Rob, Quilla)
Rescheduled by necessity in order to substitute for an injured ringer
Session with local ringers,
focusing on our new ringers
8:00pm Dinner at Versailles
(other options were Los Ranchos Steakhouse at Bayside and Books and Books Cafe on Lincoln Road)
22 April
Service ringing
Between-services ringing
Lunch for ringers in parish hall
(during the Spanish-language service)
Post-service ringing
Session with local ringers

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