Practice · 2013Aug20 (Thomas’s last practice in Miami)

Ten ringers:  Anne, Barbara, Eoin, Jim, Jorge, Judy, Lynn, Marguerite, Rob, Thomas.  This was Jorge’s first time ringing in a band.  Barbara’s son and Eoin’s brother Liam sat quietly.  We raised all eight 12345678.

The largest number of ringers to attend practice in the last two years (and perhaps, ever) attended tonight’s practice;  no one wanted to miss the last opportunity to ring with their teacher/tower captain who would be saying goodby to Miami after a two-year stint.

  • Raised 12345 in peal, then 6, 7, and 8 individually.
  • Rounds
  • Plain Hunt on Five with tenor behind.
  • Plain Hunt on Six.
  • Rounds and Rotate.
  • Call Changes.  We attempted the 36 Changes but that was far too ambitious;  instead we rang to Queens and back, which was probably also too ambitious.
  • Rang 12345 down in peal, then 678 in peal.

Jim, Lynn, Eoin, Anne, Thomas, Rob, Judy, Marguerite, Barbara

One of the most heartening things about the rejuvenated Miami band is how much time they spend laughing together.  This bodes well for the band’s future.

Afterwards much of the band adjourned to a newly discovered pub next door to send Thomas off with toasts of gratitude and good wishes for his next steps.

Anne also contributed to this post.

Early Practice / Practice · 2013Aug06Tu

Early Practice · Bobbie, Thomas.

  • Bobbie checked all the stays, staple nuts, and wheel nuts.  This is the check that should be performed every two to four weeks.
  • Bobbie muffled and then a few minutes before 6:00pm un-muffled the 4.
  • Bobbie raised and lowered the 4 twice.  She is doing much better than she was two weeks ago.

Practice · Five ringers:  Bobbie, Judy, Ken, Marguerite, Thomas.  We raised 1234.

  • Rounds and Rotate, to help Bobbie learn to ring in the band.  She rotated to all four of the raised bells.  This was her first time leading.
  • Call Changes, with Bobbie looking over shoulders and trying to predict what we would do then seeing if we did it.
  • Plain Hunt on Four.  Bobbie looked over various ringers’ shoulders.  Ken stayed on the 4 and the rest of us rotated around the front three.
  • Rang down in peal.  It went pretty well:  in rounds for the first third, then in 1243 for about the next third, then in 12(34) with the 3 and 4 crashing most of the time.

Practice · 2013Jul16Tu

Anne was in charge and sent the following account.  Seven ringers rang and one observed.

Lynn, Judy, Marg, Jody, Ken, and Anne in attendance. Rob joined us for final 10 minutes.  Bobbie attended the entire session but did not ring as she had injured her shoulder at home.

Majority of the session was spent ringing Rounds to give Lynn ample practice time as she is new to ringing with the band.  As striking improved, Judy called simple Call Changes.
The latter part of the session was spent practicing Plain Hunt on 5 with Lynn tenoring behind on the 6. Marg called “go” and “that’s all.” Then Lynn sat out and the band rang plain hunt on 5 with no tenor behind. When Rob joined us, the band rang Plain Hunt on 6.
At 7:30 the band rang down in peal.

Practice · 2013Jul09Tu

Eight ringers:  Bobbie, Jim, Jody, Judy, Ken, Marguerite, Thomas, and visitor Niall.  Most of the band was quite late so after the first few we raised bells only as ringers arrived.

This was Bobbie’s first time ringing rounds.

  • Raised a few at the front in peal.
  • Rounds on the front five, then six, then eight as ringers arrived, with Bobbie on the 4.  We gave Bobbie a break from time to time while we worked on Plain Hunt.  Though she seemed mortified by her ringing, everyone else agreed she was doing quite well for the first time.  At this stage, every stroke that’s in the right place should be treated as an accomplishment.
  • Plain Hunt on Six.  Most of the band did not leave consistent handstroke pauses when leading.  The striking was uneven and some ringers got out of sequence.
  • Plain Hunt on Six with tenor behind, on 2345678.
  • Rang the back seven down in peal, then the treble down alone.

Practice · 2013Jul02Tu

Five ringers:  Anne, Jody, Judy, Marguerite, Thomas.  We raised 34567, a nice sound.  We were able to strike fairly well even on these heavier bells;  it was good practice to strive to do so.  The band no longer whines when faced with a heavy bell;  indeed, it was the ringers themselves who asked to raise and ring the heavier bells rather than the light five 12345.

Tonight we had whoever was ringing the treble call Go and Stop, which was Anne or Jody.  After some practice hitting the right moment to make the call (the first word called out during the handstroke pause) both did so creditably.

At each ringing session for the past few weeks I have been astounded at how much more the Miami band takes on and triumphs with than I had believed possible.  I wouldn’t have thought it could continue for such a long uninterrupted sequence, but it is.  This is a band with much potential, a strongly positive attitude, and impressive energy and momentum.  Bravo, all!  Long may this trend continue.

Practice · 2013Jun25Tu

Six ringers:  Anne, Jody, Judy, Marguerite, and Thomas, plus Andrew who is in town for about a week. We raised the front six, 123456.

  • We raised 1234 in peal, then 5 and 6 as the last ringers arrived.
  • At Andrew’s suggestion we rang Plain Bob Minimus with tenor behind, then with two covers after the sixth ringer arrived, with Andrew, Judy, and Marguerite inside.  After we got this going fairly well, we moved ringers around on bells and tried again.  By the end of this the working bells were sounding in correct sequence even if not always evenly struck.
  • At Anne’s suggestion we rang Plain Hunt on Five with tenor behind.  After we got it clean, with bells ringing in proper sequence and fairly well struck, we rearranged ringers and worked on it further until it was clean again.  This was Jody’s first time ringing hunting on a bell other than the treble.
  • Again at Anne’s suggestion we ambitiously rang Plain Hunt on Six, and with a little work got this fairly clean as well.
  • Rang down 12345 in peal, then the 6 alone.

Good ringing by everyone.  Several ringers commented that ringing all this was an unusual achievement for the Miami band and a point of pride.

Practice · 2013Jun18Tu

Six ringers:  Anne, Jody, Judy, Ken, Rob, Thomas.  We rang on 123456.

  • Raised the front four in peal (Anne, Judy, Rob, Thomas).  We raised the 5 and 6 individually as additional ringers arrived.
  • Plain Hunt on Four.  We worked on this until the fifth ringer arrived.
  • Plain Hunt on Four with tenor behind after Jody arrived.  We worked on this until the striking was clean.
  • Plain Hunt on Five with tenor behind after Ken arrived.  We also worked on this until the striking was clean.
  • Plain Hunt on Six, begun with only a few minutes to go.  There was not time to work on this until the striking was clean, and we never had a lead with everyone in the right sequence, but enough of the band was striking in the right place that the bones of the pattern were there and we usually arrived at “That’s All” with most of the band together.
  • Rang down in peal.