Farewell gathering for Thomas · 2013Jul13Sa

Bobbie generously hosted the band and the Dean of the Cathedral at a farewell party for Thomas (that is, me).  Present:  Anne and ?Alicia, Barbara, Bobbie and Charles, Jim, Jody, Jorge, Judy, Marguerite, Thomas, and Dean McCaleb.


Tower outing · 2013May11Sa

2013-05-11.outingPamela and her husband Jim graciously hosted the band on their boat.  In the photo:  Pamela, Jody, Barbara, Ken, Judy, Anne, Rob.

Equinoctial Tower Cleanup · 2013Mar23Sa

bell-checklistSix ringers and an RSO (ringer’s significant other) pitched in:  Bobbie, Carroll, Eoin, Judy, Nancy, Nancy’s husband Joe, Thomas.  We began at 9:00am and continued until noon, with people arriving and leaving as their schedules required.  At least these things were done:

  • Ringing chamber:
    • Everything dusted
    • Ladder steps up to the intermediate chamber vacuumed and wiped;  ladder rail wiped
    • Spiral stairs down to the entrance level vacuumed and mopped;  rail wiped
    • Everything moved and the floor vacuumed
    • The floor padding lifted around the edges and vacuumed under
    • Floor mopped
    • The corner pew dusted and polished
    • Windows washed
    • Curtains taken down, dusted and shaken, and put back up clipped together so the sun won’t get through gaps
  • Bell chamber:
    • The ledge above the bells vacuumed
    • The floor swept, including under each frame element
    • The gutter swept
    • The drain screens checked
    • The bells wiped down
    • All bolts and nuts checked (this should be done quarterly)
      • One wheel nut on the treble was found to be loose and was tightened
      • The treble’s staple bolt nuts were loose;  we realigned the clapper, which was loose and rotating, and tightened the staple bolt nut and lock nut
    • All stays checked (this and the wheel nuts should be checked monthly)
    • We found the various parts of the work light that the workmen had broken and were able to reassemble it and get it working again
  • Intermediate chamber:
    • Swept
  • Stairs outside:
    • Fishtail palm inflorescences pruned off, and also all the dead branches
    • Stairs swept
    • Rail wiped

Thank you to everyone who helped!

Previous tower cleanups:

Tower cleanup planned

Phil McIver CC-BY-NC Time for the tower’s Spring Cleaning, before the weather gets hot and the rains start.  Only one ringer offered to help for the Guy Fawkes Day cleanup, so it’s been about seven months since the last complete cleanup on Boat Race Saturday (2012Apr07) and we have accumulated much to do.  If we can get four or more ringers it will be a morning’s work.  The day will be chosen based on the availability of ringers to help out.

  • Tighten nuts up in the bell chamber · Especially the stay bolts and wheel bolts, but also all the bolts on bells, mechanisms, and frame.
  • Check the drain screens and replace any damaged or missing · Six to check in the intermediate chamber, eight in the bell chamber.  Damaged or missing screens let birds in and cause no end of mess to clean up.
  • Sweep the bell chamber and intermediate chamber
  • Sea grapes · A new group of sea grape bunches are growing and need to be cut down before they ripen and drop.
  • Concrete dust from the hole cut for the sanctuary A/C intake · Thomas vacuumed and swept immediately after the hole was cut, but must not have gotten all the dust because it’s gradually spreading everywhere downstairs and in the ringing chamber.  The mother lode of dust seems to be under the spiral stairs.


Ringers Dinner at Rob’s

Rob hosted as many current and former members of the band as could attend at his place for dinner, for which he did all the cooking (and it was delicious).  Present were Barbara, Carroll, Jim and Rich, Ken, former Miami ringer Malu and her mother Maria, Marguerite, Nancy and Joe, Thomas, and of course Rob.  In a toast Rob said the band is the largest, most active, and most accomplished it has ever been.

Boat Race Saturday Tower Cleanup · 2012Apr07Sa

The Boat Race Saturday Tower Cleanup was a tremendous success.  Judy, Marguerite, Pamela, and Thomas made the tower cleaner than it has been in years.  The windows were washed (though it was not possible to get the outsides completely clean due to restricted access), the ringing chamber was dusted, the chairs were wiped, the shelves cleared, cleaned and reorganized, etc.  Upstairs the intermediate and bell chambers were swept, the ledge in the bell chamber was swept possibly for the first time since the ring was installed, the grease around the bearings was wiped up, and all the nuts and bolts were checked and tightened as needed.  Marguerite found that one of the nuts holding the 6’s wheel to the headstock was missing, and Judy found one of the frame nuts loose on the floor under the tenor;  it appeared to come from a frame bolt between the 7 and tenor.  We need to do a thorough check of all the frame bolts, looking up at the underside of each frame using work lights.

Checklist for loose or missing nuts and bolts

(The plan to watch the Boat Race beforehand fell through, because the BBC did not do a live webcast this year.  Cambridge won, after the race was halted due to a swimmer blocking the course, then restarted half an hour later;  Oxford broke an oar shortly after the restart, and one of the Oxford rowers collapsed in the boat after crossing the finish and was taken to a hospital.)

Thanks to all that participated!

Ropework class?

Several ringers have indicated interest.  How about you?

Topics will be whatever participants are interested in learning.  Likely topics include:

  • Rope theory:  how it’s made, why it works.
  • Coiling ropes for convenient storage;  strangle knots.
  • Useful knots in the tower, such as wheel knot, anchor hitch, cleat hitch, half-hitched hank, ….
  • Tucking a bellrope’s tail
  • Whippings.
  • Splices, three-strand and/or braided.
  • Knots in a rope’s own strands.