Farewell to Jim: 14Jan2018


Today was a most special day at the Cathedral as we were saying goodbye to Jim who is moving to Pittsburgh, PA.  It certainly was a bitter sweet experience as we know we will be missing Jim but at the same time we are wishing him well.  He and I made a personal date to come back to Miami and ring with the band again many times!  I have attached photo of today’s farewell in Fellowship Hall.  If you look very closely at the group photo you will find Judy, Marguerite and Rob. I, of course, was taking the photo :).
God speed Jim – we all love you!!!!!

Remembrance Day: 12Nov2017

Post “All Hallows” Eve: 6Nov2017


We had a lovely practice session with 5 local ringers and 1 guest from England – Jill, who rings at the All Hallows Church of Twickenham.  A fitting post Halloween visit of sorts!  This original tower houses a peal of ten bells, including some of those that were originally hung at the St Dionis Backchurch, before being relocated to Twickenham. The church has a fascinating history and just inside the tower there is a massive oak gateway which was preserved after the Great Fire of London in 1666 and is decorated with skulls and crossbones. 


Note from Devonshire: 26Sep2017

To the Miami Ringers: The September issue of Ringing Round Devon, the newsletter of the Guild of Devonshire Ringers, has a nice piece about a visit to Miami at the end of July by a group of Devonshire ringers.  I thought the Miami ringers might enjoy seeing it.  It’s on Page 12 of their September 2017 Newsletter below.  From Quilla Roth, DC