Virtual tower library: online resources

For all ringers

  1. The Learning Curve.  John Harrison and others.  102 single-page articles originally published in consecutive issues of The Ringing World from 1999 through 2007.  With table of contents and index.
  2. Thomas Alspaugh’s Ringing Pages.  What one new ringer has needed to learn, written up for others to benefit from.
  3. Dove’s Guide for Church Bell Ringers, giving information about bell towers across the globe.

Teaching and tower management

  1. Framework for Training Ringers. High-level checklists, helpful for ensuring everything significant is being considered.
  2. Retention of Ringers: Recent Developments in Coaching. Pip Penney. Team cohesion; maintaining enthusiasm and motivation; coaching philosophy; teaching style; foundation skills; goals; 10 tips. 13 pages.
  3. Ringing Practice Toolkit. Pip Penney.
  4. Training Young Ringers Discussion (2004) and Conclusions (2005).
  5. What Helps, What Hinders when teaching ringing. Wendy Graham. Brief discussion of learning styles.

Classic references

  1. Change Ringing: an introduction to the early stages of the art of church or hand bell ringing for the use of beginners. Charles A. W. Troyte. 1872.
  2. Tintinnalogia or the Art of Ringing. Richard Duckworth and Fabian Stedman. 1668.

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