Bell tolls for Minnette: 18Nov2016

For any Miami ringers that didn’t know, Minnette Massey, who was instrumental in getting the bells at Trinity and for whom one of the bells is named, passed away.  She was remembered at a service at Trinity yesterday, and Marguerite tolled in her honor.  If you’re interested in learning more about this remarkable woman, there’s a link below to a Herald article. – Robdean

Happy Halloween to Lily!

Best news of the season and just in time for trick-or-treating up north!  Thomas’s daughter Lily is back to normal after her emergency appendectomy five weeks ago.  It was somewhat of a harrowing experience for all concerned, however, the whole family is now catching up on long awaited sleep and Lily had a growth spurt and is noticeably taller now.  Warm and yummy pumpkin spiced regards from Miami!


Service Touch for Leukemia: 26Jun2016


Julie McDonnell is a bell ringer from Sussex (UK) who has Leukaemia (CML) who recently  organized an International ringing event to help fund vital research.  Her goal was to raise £100,000 and to add 1,000 potential stem cell donors to the Anthony Nolan and associated registers.  She had a stem cell transplant in December 2016 and wants to give other people the chance of life through this event.

This past weekend UK sponsored Bell ringers and walkers walked and rang along the historic Pilgrims Way from Wye to Canterbury Cathedral, ringing at Wye, Chilham, Chartham, St Dunstan’s and St Stephen’s, and at Canterbury Cathedral a specially composed method Quarter Peal “Strike Back Bob Cinques” was rung by Julie and her band mates.  Julie is only a novice ringer of 18 months, however, she was thus challenged to join in and learn to ring on 12 bells beforehand, reaching the high standard of ringing at Canterbury Cathedral.

On the same day, 200 churches and twenty five cathedrals across the UK and as far and wide as possible rang in unity of the sponsored walk and awareness campaign of the 137 blood cancers that exist.  This is the first time in the history of the church that bell ringers have united together in such a cause.

Trinity Cathedral joined in on Sunday to dedicate the Service Touch to Julie’s cause.

See full list of participants to include Miami:

For more information on Julie’s Strikeback:

Trinity Bell Tower Band Members Present:  Bobbie, Marguerite, Judy, Anne (back); Jim and Robert (front).

Service Touch: 13+15May2016

J&JWe had a wondering ringing session for the Palmer Trinity Baccalaureate on Friday evening with 6 ringers – exactly what Jim had hoped for.  Thanks Marguerite for surprising us and joining in!  On Sunday we also had 6 Ringers for the baptism of Ann’s daughters Jaime and Josephine.  It was really special.  On another note:  Pamela is not feeling well, so lets send her our good wishes for a speedy recovery and Robert is spending three weeks in Ireland!
– Bobbie

Practice Makes Perfect: 9May2016

“We had an incredible practice last night with Phil taking on not only very helpful instruction for me, but also valuable pointers on rounds, changes and even rope-tying tips for the whole group. Thank you Phil and Kimberly and of course Judy and Carol for being always incredibly supportive of me.”  Robert

In addition, we are very pleased to have new ringers Robert and Ana joining in with the band as of late and thrilled to have Pamela back in town for a bit so that we can bask in the splendor of her advanced ringing counsel and camaraderie.