Ringing Weekend: 7-9Feb2020

Thumbs Up Miami Ringers!
Great Fun and Many Thanks to Visiting Ringers!

From Marguerite:

I hope I speak for everyone by saying that Stuart did a fabulous job organizing another very successful event. There were ample opportunities for all of the local ringers to advance our appreciation of bell ringing and to some extent or another improve our skills in the last few days.

Kemp, thanks so much for organizing such a thoughtful individualized practice with us in mind. That was very helpful and encouraging.

It was so much fun to see you all and to meet some new additions to the group as well, including Brighton, who fortunately cannot throw back a pitcher or beers as well as some. I’m sure she will be a great asset to the Washington band in the future. Lucky you.

Hope to see many of you soon either here or in your respective towers.


Marguerite and all the Miami & Guest Ringersbt2

Service Touch: 20Oct2019

We had a lovely ring this morning with guest ringer, Mark Place, handling 2 bells at once! We were able to ring call changes on 6 with Helen now managing her bell very reliably.  Go Helen!   … Marguerite

For more on “double handed” ringing, check out the link below.


For more on the mathmatics of bell ringing, check out the link below.

For more on the math of change ringing, see below.



Fun with Bells! Enjoy


Mark Regan is a leading ringer, ringing teacher and friend of the US ringers.
Anyone who is interested in learning about change ringing at Trinity Cathedral is welcome to come to the tower for the Trinity bell ringers’ weekly Tuesday night practice from 6:30-7:30 p.m.  Upon occassion we have visiting ringers who join the local band to help them advance their skills.
Visitors at the Tuesday night practice may observe and ask questions from inside the tower where limited seating is available.  Trinity is always looking for new recruits (all ages) who would like learn change ringing.  A musical background is not necessary.
More information on change ringing can be found at www.nagcr.org and https://miamibells.wordpress.com.

3 QP + 1 Peal: 9+10Feb2019 (belated)

Ringing Surprise:13Oct2019

We had six guest ringers on Sunday for service touch, and I believe they rang a method called “Surprise” with Stuart, Kemp and his mom joining in.   The visitors were part of a group of ringers on a road trip across the USA to “grab” towers.  Since Miami is a bit far from the other towers these guests flew in for their visit and it was a pleasure to ring with them.

For Tuesday practice, we gave ringing “boxes” a go, to hone our skills.  It was fun.  Paloma is coming along nicely, can feel the stay bounce, and completed her first complete solo pull and set the bell – to a round of applause.




Devon Call-Change Ringers

Note from Pamela:

These are Devon call-change ringers. They ring up, don’t stand their bells but launch straight into called changes. They ring slightly under the balance, hence faster than method ringers (us), and don’t pause at hand stroke between changes; this is known as cartwheeling. They don’t stand their bells before they ring down either. You will hear him say “lower” when they get back into rounds, then “stand.”

Note from Miami Band:

We are blessed to have been by-passed by hurricane Dorian and our hearts go out to our close neighbors in the Bahamas.


Look, Listen, Learn

Back to school, back to bells!  We are pleased to announce that Paloma is making great strides with the help of our Captain Stuart and the cheerful encouragement of all of the ladies in the band.   This summer Paloma took sailing lessons at Narragansett Beach in Rhode Island.  She grinned when she commented on how sailing was “kinda like bells in a way” because she had to learn rope handling and knots.

Dear Pamela is back in South Florida for a bit and we greatly appreciate her making the trip to join us for a few weeks – always a delight, and Helen was able to attend practice last night and she stepped right back into call changes without hesitation.  Nice.