How to use a dudle

To respond to a poll:

A. Ringer’s name and pencil

1. Find your name in the list, and click on the pencil ✎ by your name.

(You can sort the names in the list by clicking on “Name ▾▴” at the top of the list.)

If you accidentally click the ✖ instead of the pencil ✎, and you see “Do you really want to delete user YourName?”, be sure to click the Cancel button on the right side.

Clicked the pencil and now has choices

2. The row for your name will open up with choices for each column —
✓ (yes), ✗ (no), ? (don’t know).

(You can change your name in the box at this stage if you need to.)

A. Ringer has made some choices

3. Select one for each column.

A. Ringer is clicking Save Changes

4. When you are done, look over at the far right and click the Save Changes button.

(Don’t click the Save button at the bottom right of the table — if you do, it will create a new Anonymous entry in the dudle.)

Congratulations!  You’ve responded to the poll.

If you need to change your selections later, just go through the same steps.

What if your name doesn’t appear in the poll?

The box to use if your name is missing

A. Look at the lower left of the poll for the empty box.

Enter your name, then continue as above

B. Enter your name there.  You’ll notice that all the ✗’s are already selected for you;  click ✓’s and ?’s to reflect your actual choices.  Then click the Save button at the right.

If you are adding yourself, there is no Save Changes button, just this Save button.


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