Tower Cleanup Day · TBD

Previous tower cleanups

Boat Race Saturday Tower Cleanup · 2012Apr07Sa

  • 9:15  Be in social hall if you want to watch the Boat Race on the internet (Contact Thomas if you plan to be there).
  • 9:45  Meet in tower to start cleaning.

The to-do list:

  1. Vacuum the metal filings off the 5 and everything around it upstairs (I brought a shop vac up to the intermediate chamber).
  2. Sweep the debris and dirt off the concrete shelf in the ringing chamber.
  3. Brush loose paint and wipe grease off the bell frame so we can get an idea of its condition (and work upstairs without stains).
  4. Sweep the bell chamber, intermediate chamber, and downstairs.
  5. Dust and vacuum the ringing chamber.
  6. Wash the windows
  7. Check and tighten nuts in the bell chamber.
  8. Scrub rust off the outside railing brackets and replace the plated nuts with stainless ones (we have the replacements).
  9. Level that annoying hump at the base of the steps up to the tower (anybody have a shovel?)
  10. Clear the sticks and trash off the steps outside and sweep them clean. [Jim had this done as part of the cleanup of the garden.]
  11. Climb up the ladder to replace the rope boss screws and anchors with stainless screws and plastic anchors, and tighten them so they don’t rattle. [Thomas and Carroll did this on We]
  12. Shop-vac the persistent grit out of the grooves in the ladder steps. [Thomas did this on We]

The next Tower Cleanup is planned for Boat Race Saturday (7 Apr), the day before Easter. Watch the Boat Race, then come clean up our tower for Easter and for the DC ringers weekend!

The cleanup is currently planned to begin at 10am;  ringers, if another time suits you better, please speak up, as there is great flexibility for motivated cleaner-uppers.  I would like to finish the bell chamber cleanup as early as possible to avoid the heat.

Interested ringers are invited to watch the Boat Race in the parish hall.

The annual Boat Race between crews from Oxford and Cambridge Universities will begin this year at 2:15pm UK time = 9:15am Miami time. Last year the winning crew crossed the line with a time of 17m32. The BBC will broadcast it live over the Internet.

Guy Fawkes Day Tower Cleanup · 2011Nov05Sa

“Guy Fawkes in Technicolor” by pittaya (adapted). Adapted and distributed under CC BY 2.0 license.

Our tower has no gunpowder in its cellar, but it has accumulated “barrels” of dust and dirt. Let us undertake to search our tower “both above and below” and roust out the accumulated grime and trash!

Update: Some of us will begin at 9am due to schedule conflicts.

9am-noon Saturday 5 Nov. (Guy Fawkes Day).

“Guy Fawkes’ Night 2004” by Sam Doshi. Distributed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 license.

Report of Guy Fawkes Day cleanup.


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