Some of the Miami ringers asked to be assigned homework every week or so, in order to improve their ringing.  Here’s the list.

2013Mar03 · Ringing evenly by counting and balancing your hand and backstrokes

2013Mar17 · Calling changes:  Call Changes
Call Changes Practice Row View
Call Changes Practice Call View

2013Jun02 · Ringing up and down in peal

2013Jun02 · Plain Hunt on an even number (like 4):  handstroke then backstroke at the back;  on an odd  number (like 5): backstroke then handstroke at the back.  Look at:
a) http://www.thomasalspaugh.org/pub/crg/examples.html#ph5
b) http://www.thomasalspaugh.org/pub/crg/generate.xhtml#AvoidReading
then click 4 or 5 or 6 for Plain Hunt:
c) http://www.thomasalspaugh.org/pub/crg/looking.xhtml#AvoidReading
then click a Plain Hunt button:
Pick a bell and look what it does at the back.  Backstrokes have a grey background, handstrokes a white one.

2013Jun02 · Coursing order practice

2013Jul04 · Plain Bob Minimus with calls
Ringing Plain Bob Minimus in a Touch
Plain Bob Minimus touch reference card (also attached):
If you are able to use the Chart/Diagram Generator page you can play with the possibilities:

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