Plain Bob

Plain Bob is the simplest method and often the first one a ringer learns.  The treble hunts, and the working bells ring a pattern of dodges, making seconds, and (for odd numbers n of bells) long nths.  Each working bell follows the same pattern but begins in a different place.  All the working bells perform their dodges, making seconds, and (if odd) long nths at the same time.

Plain Bob Minimus (4 bells)

Audio begins at diagram line [1] 2143

The pattern is

  1. Dodge 3-4 Down
  2. Dodge 3-4 Up
  3. Make 2nds

with the 2 beginning at step 1, the 4 at step 2, and the 3 at step 3.

Plain Bob Minimus (4 bells) with Tenor Behind

Same as Plain Bob Minimus but with the addition of a fifth bell ringing always in 5ths place.

Plain Bob Doubles (5 bells)

Plain Bob Doubles uses the same work as Plain Bob Minimus, and adds Long 5ths:

  1. Dodge 3-4 Down
  2. Long 5ths
  3. Dodge 3-4 Up
  4. Make 2nds

Plain Bob Minor (6 bells)

Plain Bob Minor uses an even number of bells and so does not have Long 5ths, instead adding two more dodges in 5-6:

  1. Dodge 3-4 Down
  2. Dodge 5-6 Down
  3. Dodge 5-6 Up
  4. Dodge 3-4 Up
  5. Make 2nds

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